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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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1742]                   To Horace Mann                     197
could not committee him; but as they could not, I think they will scarce be able to carry a more violent step. However, to show how little Tory resentments are feared, the King has named a new Admiralty; Lord Winchilsea, Admiral Cavendish5, Mr. Cockburn, Dr. Lee, Lord Baltimore, young Trevor15, (which is much disliked, for he is of no consequence for estate, and less for parts, but is a relation of the Pelhams,) and Lord Archibald Hamilton7—to please his Royal Highness. Some of his people (not the Lytteltons and Pitts) stayed away the other night upon the Secret Committee, and they think he will at last rather take his father's part than Argyll's.
Poor Mr. Pulteney has lost his girl8: she was an only daughter, and sensible and handsome. He has only a son left9, and, they say, is afflicted to the greatest degree.
I will say nothing about old Sarah's Memoirs; for with some spirit, they are nothing but remnants of old women's frippery. Good night! I recommend my poor Mr. Mann to you, and am
Yours most faithfully.
P.S. My dearest child, how unhappy I shall be, till I hear you are quite recovered!
5  Admiral Philip Cavendish, M.P. for Portsmouth; d. 1743.
6  John Trevor  (d.   1745),   eldest surviving son of John Morley Trevor, of Q-lynde, Sussex, by Lucy, daughter of  Edward  Montagu,   of Horton, Northamptonshire; M.P. for Lewes. He was a nephew of Walpole's friend George Montagu.   (See Table II.)
7  Seventh  and youngest son of
Anne Hamilton (circ. 1636-1716), suo jure Duchess of Hamilton (by her husband, William Douglas, first Earl of Selkirk, created Duke of Hamilton for life); Governor of Jamaica, 1710; Master of Greenwich Hospital, 1746.
8  Miss Pulteney died on March 9.
9  William   Pulteney,   afterwards styled Viscount Pulteney;   d. 1763 (during his father's lifetime).